How long it took me to eat a burrito

St. John's Wort-Scanned Ipad, Masked 8x10" Negative, Double Exposure

I shot some photos for Caroline Polachek's amazing solo project Ramona Lisa, which now has a comprehensive web archive :

Timmy, 8x10 Masked Double Exposure

park ave. 2015

The Man Who Saw America

Looking back with Robert Frank, the most influential photographer alive

(in case you missed this)

Random - JH Engström

Random is an exercise in producing a book solely with the "will of the medium".

"Engstrom randomly selected 60 images. 40 of these images were randomly selected by Mörel and randomly sequenced. We asked our printers to print the book on any uncoated paper they randomly had to spare. Finally we asked a friend of Mörel's to photograph random parts of the book's content which we then printed on a fiber based wallpaper material for the covers. All in all Engstrom and ourselves were surprised with the result and have now released the 100 copies - all signed."

Limited Edition of 100
40 Pages 
30 X 25 cm 
£25 + Shipping

#‎emotecontrol w Jason Nocito, Lele Saveri & Tim Barber

thanks to Jason and Lele for having me on the ‪#‎emotecontrol‬ show yesterday, good chat!

Why? W/Hannibal Buress

i directed some commercials for the upcoming Comedy Central show Why? with Hannibal Buress. I also made a cameo in it….