David Armstrong (1954 - 2014)


Installation views from The Promise (II) by Santiago Mostyn. 

With text by Anthea Holly Buys, director of Hordaland Kunstsenter.

Fake Orgasm Choir by Pella Kågerman. 

Empty beer cans by drunk Swedes.

Twenty-two century history of photography

The record of the talk by a photographer, Masanori Hata and the artist of the same generation.

It was performed by March from February, 2013.


Akarui Heya / Masaru Eguchi / Masatoshi Yanagimachi / Daisuke Nakashima / Atsuko Suzuki / Saisho Hirasawa / Kazuo Yoshida / Arata Mino / Naoto Huruta / Isamu Sakamoto / Shingo Kanagawa / Kei Ono / Naohiro Udagawa / Takubo Kuratani / Daiki Kato / Daisuke Yokota / Minami Onodetra / Yosuke Yajima / Hitomi Takahashi / Gen Sakuma / Yuuki Maruyama / Ryuta Sakurai / Misato Kuroda / Takeshi Sumi / Karen Sato / Jyunya Ono / Mayumi Hosokura / Takahiro Yamashita / Yusuke Tanakadate / Ryo Ohwada / Toshiya Murakoshi / Seiko Watanabe / Kaori Yoshiwara / Mika Kitamura

Comment / Bunmei Shirabe

author / Masanori Hata

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Tara Sinn

"Man Being Called Best Photographer on Instagram"

FOX 32 News Chicago

Sugar Pepper

Alison Mosshart at Aperture Benefit, NYC, 10/21/14.


The Thurston Moore Band

"Speak to the Wild"

Directed by Santiago Mostyn

Pitchfork press release

suicide pact


By Mark Mann for Momus

 New video and text on Creative Time Reports.

Music from the Slow Wave album by SW.



pukey 2014

pukey from aurel_sex on Vimeo.

Date of Birth

Oto Gillen

mauna ulu

Tim Barber

Last 10 copies of "Untitled Photographs" at Dashwood Books

Dashwood Books has the last 10 copies of my book "Untitled Photographs" :

Twenty Four Hour Woman 2015 Calendar by Scott Lenhardt

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Hollow Hills

East of the Sun, West of the Moon

My new book with Ahndraya Parlato! The edition is only 300, but there are still copies available here.

The photographs in East of the Sun, West of the Moon were taken on the Solstices and Equinoxes over the past two years. Wherever we found ourselves on those four days of the year, we would spent the day photographing, thinking loosely about what time looks like...

The book includes a short story by Nicolas Muellner, written in response to the images.

First edition, 300 copies
September 2014, printed in EU
48 pages Full Colour Offset
17 cm x 24 cm I 6,7’’ x 9,4’’