A day in the life of Daniel Arnold by Nick Sethi


Chances with Wolves Episode #329

Peter Fischli & David Weiss - Ordnung und Reinlichkeit

48 Pages, b/w Offset
10.3 x 14.6 cm, First Edition


The Sleeper Must Awaken (DUNE AUDIO COMP)

The Sampulator


Masked 8x10 Negatives, Tree Fungus Studies

Heavens Gate

New Images from Series - Sugar Pepper

PBR Monster Energy Buck Off

Shot Sunday January 17 for Leonardo DiCaprio

unsolicited use

Kelly Reichardt for Bloomberg Businessweek.


“Sugar" The final book of the"Sugar Series".Containing a plethra of black and white images-a selection of old and more recent nude photographs. The muted color palette and the diarist approach are replaced by the lines and form of the female figure mixed with the textures and off beat tones of the laser prints inside.Each cover is printed on 215 gsm ink jet paper by McElroy the contents of the book are printed on 70 lb Ivory paper. Edition of 120.
$55.00 until January 15.
Option of book and signed print available each print edition of 10.


if you don't know god wants it so

Selected images from As the river runs

Published by Blackbook Publications. 

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